Why CounterPressure in Labor is Counterproductive

Utilizing counterpressure in labor is a fast solution to deliver ache reduction when wanted! Most girls know “again labor” could make contractions extra painful, and that counter-pressure stops that. It is a good instrument, but it surely’s additionally necessary to perceive why again labor occurs and when different strategies can deliver reduction and get labor transferring extra easily.

Your child’s place significantly impacts what you’re feeling throughout the contractions. Utilizing strategies that reposition your child can pace labor up and make contractions much less painful. 

I am going to talk about what causes again labor, the professionals and cons of counter strain, and different consolation measures to deliver ache reduction and optimum child positioning.

In case you’re hoping for an unmedicated start, I am going to cowl tricks to get the ache below management, get baby in a good position, and have the pure start expertise you’ve got ready for!

What’s Again Labor and Why am I Having It?

Counterpressure is utilized in labor for again labor.

Again labor is persistent ache in your again, particularly low in your again round and simply above your tailbone. Your tailbone (technically referred to as your coccyx) attaches to a bony plate behind your pelvis. This plate is your sacrum; above the plate is your backbone.

The sacrum varieties the again of your pelvis and attaches to the remainder of your pelvic bones by cartilage that softens throughout being pregnant (your pelvis is not inflexible and your child can transfer by it!). Try the graphic beneath to see the sacrum: 

Again labor is felt as decrease again ache – in your tailbone, your sacrum, and the decrease a part of your backbone.

This labor ache is commonly due to a posterior child, which implies your child’s again is up in opposition to your again. The again of your child’s head pushes in opposition to the tailbone and sacrum throughout contractions, inflicting again labor. You could hear this child place known as occiput posterior. 

The “occiput” is your child’s head. Click here to read my full article on baby position – it consists of illustrations and video!

doll's head in a model pelvis showing posterior positioning

I used my useful doll mannequin, Ari, to indicate you what occurs while you labor with a child within the posterior place. As you possibly can see, the newborn’s head pushes in opposition to the sacrum and tailbone because it engages throughout lively labor:

baby doll head pushes back against the sacrum on model pelvis

You could not really feel quite a lot of strain throughout early labour, when the newborn remains to be greater within the pelvis. However as child strikes down throughout lively labour and the again of his or her head places intense strain on the sacrum, again ache will get extra pronounced.

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CounterPressure Methods for Fast Ache Reduction

The aim of counter-pressure in labor is to offer ache reduction. By pushing in laborious in your sacrum, your start companion helps to push again in opposition to child’s head, lessening the ache that you simply really feel.

It is efficient, which is why there are tales of daddies exhausted from hours of counterpressure. Some doulas carry tennis balls of their start luggage to rub into the sacrum and provides counter strain. This is an image of the artistic resolution one in every of my MamaBaby Birthing course college students got here up with:

mom leans on birth ball during labor

Listed below are directions to your assist particular person to do counter-pressure successfully:

  • Have the mother lean ahead over the mattress, on a start ball, or on hands-and-knees like within the picture above
  • Find the mother’s sacrum – it is down on her decrease again, simply above the tailbone.
  • Maintain the entrance and prime of the hip bone to your stability and to maintain the mother safe
  • Use your fist, heel, or a tennis ball to press firmly into her again

You could have to strive totally different counter strain factors over or to the aspect of the sacrum (typically on the prime of her bum) – you’ll know while you get the “proper” spot!

Hold regular strain on this space – keep away from rubbing, massaging, and so forth.

The quantity of strain it’s good to use could appear to be so much, however it’s going to deliver large reduction to her!

Utilizing a ball to therapeutic massage and apply counterpressure in labor:

Doula demonstrating counter pressure with ball

This technique is commonly very efficient at controlling the ache of labor and start!

The truth is, the issue is not that counterpressure relieves ache. The issue is that is the one factor it does!

Whereas it is an enormous reduction to cease that ache, it would not tackle the reason for the again labor to start with, which is child’s place.

Use the method to get a break from the depth of the contractions, however think about combining it with different strategies that assist open the pelvis so child can rotate and transfer into an optimum place.

This each lessens the ache and helps labor transfer ahead easily (and possibly extra rapidly!).

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Getting Lasting Reduction (and a Smoother Delivery)

The aim of labor and birthing is to get your child out! Counterpressure in labor could trigger your child to take longer to show and be born as a result of it is simply pushing again in opposition to your child slightly than serving to her or him to rotate. This results in a protracted labor, or perhaps a labor stall, which isn’t what you need!

Counter-pressure brings reduction and should purchase you relaxation time with out utilizing ache treatment. In case you’ve been working laborious, really feel extreme ache, or your child is a persistent posterior and you feel worn out, undergo a couple of contractions with counter-pressure.

Relaxation between, and benefit from the lessened depth whereas somebody applies strain to your sacrum. As soon as you feel extra in management, your start companions can add in extra strategies.

These could result in a shorter length of labor! Good labor progress and a better start are each attainable while you create more room in the pelvis.

The Double Hip Squeeze

Among the best strategies for that is the Double-Hip Squeeze:

  • Have the mother get on arms and knees or lean ahead over the start ball/mattress. She will additionally stand for this method.
  • Have her flex her hips
  • Use your fingers to seek out her hip bones, the transfer your arms in the direction of the roundest a part of her bum.

This video demonstrates learn how to transfer your arms:

Use the flat or heels of your arms to use strain in, in the direction of the middle of her physique

You could have to strive some totally different positions. These movies present learn how to press – use a gentle urgent motion as soon as you discover the fitting place

You may also do that with a helper, which makes it simpler for the start companion!

Utilizing the heel of your arms may be simpler than the flat if the mother desires quite a lot of strain. If doing this with two start companions, place one hand over your different as you push in.

The Double Hip Squeeze gives strain reduction and can assist open up the underside of the pelvis. 

When mother is in a hands-and-knees place the ischial tuberosities (sitz bones) can unfold extra simply, serving to the newborn rotate into an optimum place whereas relieving strain for the mom. The mama’s forward-leaning place additionally encourages the newborn to rotate.

Alternate the double-hip squeeze with counter-pressure if wanted to assist deliver extra reduction to the mom. Collectively they can assist considerably!

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Extra Methods for Again Labor

Most infants will flip throughout labor. Infants wish to flip anterior. Some infants are born “sunny aspect up,” however most will activate their very own throughout labor except hindered by medicines (proof exhibits that the epidural, for instance, causes infants to be posterior).

Being pregnant Ideas for Getting Your Child Right into a Good Place

Your objective throughout birthing it to assist your child do the turning he/she must. In case you can persuade your child to show earlier than labor, that is the perfect!

Your pelvis is perfect for birthing your baby and can OPEN superbly to your child!

Posture could play a task in that – do not lean again in chairs too typically! Sitting on a start ball and leaning ahead barely (comfortably) on the hips is an efficient solution to sit at your desk/desk.

Spending a while kneeling or on hands-and-knees each day will assist too.

Have to stretch out? Lie down on the sofa in your left aspect, leaning barely into your stomach.

Recommendations for Positioning Child Throughout Labor

Throughout labor you should use among the identical strategies – sitting on a start ball or hands-and-knees positions can encourage the newborn to show. 

If you may get right into a start tub, you will discover that your freedom of motion will increase. You will naturally transfer to positions or transfer in ways in which assist your child transfer down. Outdoors the bathtub, strive standing the place you rock and sway your hips.

Your start companion is not unnoticed. She or he can assist you standing (keep away from squats till the newborn has turned).

Some strategies, such because the hip press or stomach sifting (finished with a rebozo or scarf) can create extra room inside your pelvis and get child to show.

Stomach sifting is greatest finished with somebody skilled to indicate you learn how to do it (your doula is a good useful resource!) – this video provides a fast preview:

Strolling and hip spiraling/dancing, sitting on a start ball, and spiraling your hips are nice methods to maneuver by intense contractions. You are still encouraging your child to show and transfer down by your pelvis.

Place Adjustments

Strikes from any of the above positions to a different can open up room in your pelvis and assist your child transfer down. Place modifications are particularly necessary for those who’ve been reclining again for some time. Getting up and transferring to a greater place can’t solely get your child transferring down, but additionally helps relieve ache.

Good positions to strive for those who’re feeling again ache:

  • Standing and swaying your hips
  • Strolling
  • Palms-and-knees (ideally with a hip press)
  • Sitting on a start ball
  • Open knee-chest place

The Open Knee-Chest Place

This place is good for transferring your child. This is learn how to do it:

  • Get down on arms and knees, then kneel
  • Be sure you’re secure in a kneeling place
  • Slowly lean down, crossing your arms to type a relaxation to your brow
  • Elevate your bum into the air
  • Have your assist particular person put a folded blanket or mat below your knees to ease the strain on them, if wanted.

This place is not probably the most comfy or sustainable for a protracted time frame, however it’s wonderful for transfer child again out of your pelvis. This may ease again labor and create room to your child to rotate.

This can be a good place to make use of for those who’re feeling again strain or ache in early labor. Attempt to keep on this place for half-hour or so.

Then rise up and transfer into a way that may assist child rotate, resembling sitting on a start child whereas leaning ahead into the mattress. You may also sit up on the start ball and rotate your hips. Or strive gradual dancing whereas leaning into your companion.

This is a full list of positions to try during labor.

Sluggish Dancing

Sluggish dancing, or different positions that give your hips plenty of motion, can assist you deal with labor’s power whereas encouraging your child to spiral down into the pelvis in an optimum place.

Throughout my labors I favored to lean on my toilet counter, which is a low counter. I pressed my arms down firmly into the counter, about shoulder-width aside. That supported my weight so I may sway or spiral my hips forwards and backwards.

This was my favored place till I obtained into the start tub with my previous few infants. It helped me cope with the contractions (typically moaning/vocalizing too) whereas additionally transferring my infants down.

Labor progressed in a short time as soon as I obtained within the tub!

Need to know extra about how I deal with labor ache after 8 infants?  Click here to listen to my podcast on labor pain!

Water Delivery Advantages

In case your start coach can get into the birthing tub with you, making use of counter strain or doing a hip squeeze is feasible. It is extra seemingly, nevertheless, that you’re going to be within the tub your self with out that added method.

Heat water has been proven to assist in labor all by itself, particularly when you possibly can immerse in a start tub.  Water birth is a great option for you and baby!

You possibly can have a bathtub for those who’re having a house start, and plenty of start middle and hospital birthing rooms now provide a bathtub for labor (and typically hospital workers is open to water start as properly).

Water helps present even assist and strain round your physique, taking away among the weight and instantly canceling out some aches and labor ache. It is such a terrific reduction that many mothers swear by it! Research have proven that birthing in water may be as efficient as ache medication for a lot of mamas.

It will not completely take the ache away, as an epidural would possibly, but it surely relieves the discomfort of the contractions with the intention to get right into a rhythm and deal with labor extra simply.

Having a start tub out there for labor has different advantages, like reducing blood strain and supplying you with freedom of motion. Shifting extra simply can assist you get your child in a superb place for birthing. Along with lessening muscle pressure, the heat water can assist you soften and chill out pelvic muscle tissue, providing child a better time rotating.

These proactive actions not solely aid you deal with these heavy contractions whereas child is posterior, they aid you get your child to show and put together for an easy journey into your arms.

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